The Lone Sailor Project in Bremerton WA.

The Lone Sailor Has Arrived On The Bremerton Waterfront

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Lone Sailor from BKAT TV on Vimeo.


Thank You Video Featured on the Navy League Lone Sailor Website (Thank You)


Acknowledgement and Congratulations Sent! Thank You's

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Bremerton Sun Announcement May 21

The Lone Sailor Has Come Home to Puget Sound!
 Our Lone Sailor Statue is now standing watch over Sinclair Inlet, welcoming all who come to visit our community. Although the site is still under construction, the statue is in place and ready for viewing. Come on out and visit and take a picture. See if you can line up the statue, along with the PSNS big green crane, ferries, and flags all in the same shot. The Lone Sailor statue is easy to get to (ADA accessible) for just the “cost” of a short walk along the beautiful new Bremerton Marina piers and breakwater. This site is the perfect place for all to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bremerton’s busy waterfront.

Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council 
dedicated the Lone Sailor Statue and turned the memorial over to the Port of Bremerton May 23, 2009 


Text Box: NEWS

Carolyn Dankers

Event Public Affairs Coordinator



To: Friday, May 15, 2009 9:06 AM
To: 'Anacortes American'; 'Anacortes American'; 'AP Seattle'; 'AP Seattle'; 'Bainbridge Review'; 'Bainbridge Review'; 'Ballard News-Tribune'; 'Ballard News-Tribune'; 'Bellingham Herald'; 'Bellingham Herald'; 'Bellingham Herald'; 'Bothell/Kenmore Reporter'; 'Bothell/Kenmore Reporter'; 'Bremerton Patriot'; 'Bremerton Patriot'; 'Capital Press (2'; 'Central Kitsap Reporter'; 'Central Kitsap Reporter'; 'Centralia Chronicle'; 'Centralia Chronicle'; 'Columbian'; 'Columbian'; 'Columbian'; 'Daily World (Aberdeen'; 'Daily World (Aberdeen'; 'Federal Way News'; 'Federal Way News'; 'Island Sounder'; 'Island Sounder'; 'Issaquah Press'; 'Issaquah Press'; 'Kitsap Sun'; 'Kitsap Sun'; 'Mercer Island Reporter'; 'Mercer Island Reporter'; 'North Kitsap Herald'; 'North Kitsap Herald'; 'Olympia Olympian'; 'Olympia Olympian'; 'Olympia Olympian'; 'Peninsula Daily News'; 'Peninsula Daily News'; 'Peninsula Gateway (Gig Harbor'; 'Peninsula Gateway (Gig Harbor'; 'Peninsula Gateway (Gig Harbor'; 'Port Orchard Independent'; 'Port Orchard Independent'; 'Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader'; 'Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader'; 'Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader'; 'San Juan Journal'; 'San Juan Journal'; 'Seattle Post-Intelligencer'; 'Seattle Post-Intelligencer'; 'Seattle Times (2'; 'Seattle Times'; 'Seattle Times'; 'Sequim Gazette'; 'Sequim Gazette'; 'Skanner'; 'South Whidbey Record'; 'South Whidbey Record'; 'Tacoma News Tribune'; 'Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber'; 'Whidbey News-Times'; 'Whidbey News-Times'; '710 KIRO Radio'; '710 KIRO Radio'; 'KOMO1000 News Radio'; 'KOMO1000 News Radio'; 'KOMO1000 News Radio'; 'KUOW 94.9 Public Radio'; 'KCPQ 13 TV FOX'; 'KING 5 TV NBC'; 'KING 5 TV NBC Military Reporter Glen Farley'; 'KING 5 TV NBC Planning Manager Ed White'; 'KIRO 7 TV CBS'; 'KIRO 7 TV CBS'; 'KIRO 7 TV CBS'; 'KOMO4 TV ABC'; 'KOMO4 TV ABC'; 'KOMO4 TV ABC'; 'Northwest Cable News'; 'Northwest Cable News'
Subject: PRESS RELEASE - Bremerton Lone Sailor Statue Memorial Dedication - May 23, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           RELEASE 01-05 Official Photo

                                                May 15, 2009

Lone Sailor Statue to stand watch over Bremerton waterfront honoring the men and women of the Nation’s Sea Services

       BREMERTON, Wash. – Historical dedication of the Lone Sailor Statue to take place in an exciting celebration on Saturday May 23, 2009 on the new Bremerton Breakwater at 2:00pm.  The public is invited to a dedication ceremony of the first Lone Sailor Statue in the Pacific Northwest.  There are 11 statues nationwide that honor those who serve. The statue will greet ships and visitors as they enter Sinclair Inlet or walk the Bremerton shoreline.

   The event will include patriotic music, a helicopter flyover, sailor participation, tall ships, other iconic vessels and keynote speakers that include Congressman Norm Dicks and Navy Region Northwest Commander, Admiral James Symonds.

   This event, joining the Kitsap Harbor Festival, will be a day to remember. The Festival features a Kitsap Cup Regatta, Boats Afloat Boat Show and other nautical events.

   For additional information about the Lone Sailor Statue visit Learn more about the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League of the United States visit    

MEDIA NOTE: Media is invited to attend the dedication.  Please arrive NLT 1:30pm and meet your escort at the Port of Bremerton Marina Office located on the lower level of the Bremerton Harbor boardwalk. Please call Carolyn Dankers to let her know if you are coming so she can ensure access to advantage points for quality photo and sound.


     I would like to send my sincere appreciation for using my photos of the Lone Sailor Statue in the Press Release and brochure front cover, and throughout for the dedication. The presentation of the video at the ceremony was a moment that will be embedded in my memory bank for a long time. I am truly honored and humbled. A great deal of work and dedication has gone into this project by all involved, and the culmination of events will be a moment to remember for the entire community.

     Again thank you for this honor.

Respectfully, Lea Cook Photography & Graphics



             WHEREAS, the Navy League of the United States, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council, will honor the men and women of the sea services by the dedication of the Lone Sailor Statue at the Port of Bremerton Marina on the Bremerton Harborside waterfront on Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 2 PM; and

            WHEREAS, the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League has been raising funds to bring the Lone Sailor Statue to Bremerton to express appreciation to the men and women across the globe in the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S. Flag Merchant Marine; and

            WHEREAS, the bronze statue is the creation of Stanley Bleifeld, the U.S. Navy Memorial’s official sculptor.  The statue, as placed on the marina breakwater, contains two pieces; the Sailor, who stands 7 feet tall and weighs approximately 1,000 pounds, and his sea bag and cleat weighing 700 pounds; and

            WHEREAS, the Lone Sailor at Bremerton Harborside will be available for use by all services, veterans’ associations and civic groups for special events, ceremonies and patriotic services; and

            NOW, THEREFORE, I, Cary Bozeman, Mayor of the City of Bremerton do hereby proclaim Saturday, May 23, 2009 as:


In the City of Bremerton and congratulate the Navy League, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council on the dedication in bringing this statue to Bremerton and thank them for their recognition of our men and women in the sea services who serve our nation nobly.

            SIGNED this 6th day of May 2009.

                                                                                    Cary Bozeman, Mayor



Navy League of the United States

Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council

 PRE-CEREMONY (1330|1:30)                  A PROGRAM OF PATRIOTIC MUSIC

Navy Band Northwest – under the direction of MUC Patrick Y. Hawes




4 Bells 1 - Navy League Area President Carol Meteney

Still2 - Deck Division, USS EMORY S LAND (AS-39)

COLOR GUARD - Bremerton Navy Junior ROTC Color Guard, Cdr. Douglas Cook SNSI

NATIONAL ANTHEM - Navy Band Northwest

HELO SALUTE - H-60 Helicopter – Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Search and Rescue



Captain Rondall Brown, CHC, USN

Chaplain, Navy Region Northwest



Captain David Thomas, USN (Ret)

President, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council



Cary E. Bozeman, Mayor of Bremerton

Rear Admiral Edward K. “Ted” Walker, Jr., SC, USN (Ret)

CEO & President, U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation



Captain Timothy Thomson, USN (Ret)

Co-Chair Lone SailorÓ Statue Memorial Committee



Lieutenant Commander Ronald P. Testa, USN (Ret)

Co-Chair Lone SailorÓ Statue Memorial Committee

Cheryl Kincer, President, Port of Bremerton



Rear Admiral James A. Symonds, USN – Commander, Navy Region Northwest



The Honorable Norm D. Dicks, United States House of Representatives

6th Congressional District, Washington



Chaplain Brown

NAVY HYMN – Navy Band Northwest



Carry On2

ANCHORS AWEIGH – Navy Band Northwest



Cake and Refreshments – Bremerton Marina Breakwater


 Program Notes

Note 1 – Strikes of a ship's bell are used to indicate the hour aboard a ship and thereby to regulate the sailors' duty watches. Unlike civil clock bells, the strikes of the bell do not accord to the number of the hour. Instead, there are eight bells, one for each half-hour of a four-hour watch. Bells would be struck every half-hour, and in a pattern of pairs for easier counting, with any odd bells at the end of the sequence. The bell used in today’s ceremony was made for our Navy League council by the late Chief Warrant Officer 2 Albert J. Meteney, USN, Ret. Al was very active in our Navy League council. He would very much have enjoyed today’s events. It is most appropriate to have his wife, Carol, sound the bell for our ceremony.

Note 2 - A boatswain's call is a pipe used on naval ships by a boatswain. It is pronounced, and sometimes spelled, "bosun's call". The pipe consists of a narrow tube (the gun) which directs air over a metal sphere (the buoy) with a hole in the top. The player opens and closes the hand over the hole to change the pitch. The rest of the pipe consists of a keel, a flat piece of metal beneath the gun that holds the call together, and the shackle, a key-ring that connects a long silver or brass chain that sits around the collar, when in ceremonial uniform. Historically the boatswain's call was used to pass commands to the crew when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea. Because of its high pitch, it could be heard over the activities of the crew and bad weather.


            Still: Used to call the crew to attention.

            Carry On: Used after the still, to dismiss the crew back to their duties.

                         NAVY HYMN                                                          ANCHORS AWEIGH

Eternal Father, Strong to save,                           Verse 1:

Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,          Stand Navy, out to sea, Fight our battle cry;

Who bids’t the mighty Ocean deep                    We’ll never change our course,

Its own appointed limits keep;                           So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y.

O hear us when we cry to thee,                          Roll out the TNT, Anchors Aweigh. Sail on to

For those in peril on the sea.                              victory and sink their bones to Davy Jones, hooray!


Lord, guard and guide the men who fly              Verse 2 (Most widely sung):

Through the great spaces in the sky,                  Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh.

Be with them always in the air,                          Farewell to college joys.

In dark’ning storms or sunlight fair.                   We sail at break of day, of day.

O, Hear us when we lift our prayer,                   Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam.

For those in peril in the air.                                Until we meet once more,

                                                                           Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home!

Lord God, our power evermore,

Whose arm doth reach the ocean floor,              (As of Summer 2004 the above verses to

Dive with our men beneath the sea;                   ANCHORS AWEIGH are taught at

Traverse the depths protectively.                       Navy Recruit Training [Boot Camp].)

O hear us when we pray and keep

Them safe from peril in the deep.


 Poulsbo contractor Bob Kimball installs slate around the base of the Lone Sailor statue after it was installed

Lone Sailor Statue Arrived on Bremerton's Waterfront at the Bremerton Marina. (LENNA HIMMELSTEIN | KITSAP SUN)
Lone Sailor Statue Arrives on Bremerton's Waterfront

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Poulsbo contractor Bob Kimball installs slate around the base of the Lone Sailor statue after it was installed on Tuesday at the Bremerton Marina. (LENNA HIMMELSTEIN | KITSAP SUN)

Poulsbo contractor Bob Kimball installs slate around the base of the Lone Sailor statue after it was installed on Tuesday at the Bremerton Marina. (LENNA HIMMELSTEIN | KITSAP SUN)



Kitsap Harbor Festival

May 22-25 2009

Conception:  Conceived by the Port of Bremerton as a follow on from this year’s extremely successful Bremerton Marina Grand Opening Event.

Vision:  Idea is to begin an annual traditional waterfront festival first among Sinclair Inlet cities drawing visiting boaters and the local community to a variety of appealing, waterfront activities over the Memorial Day Weekend.

 Activities will occur along the waterfront of Bremerton and Port Orchard beginning Friday night and ending at noon on Memorial Day Monday.  A tentative list of events includes:


Classic Movie at Admiral Theater

Classic Movie at “Orchard Theater” downtown Port Orchard

Tall Ships (Bremerton/Port Orchard)


Pancake Breakfast, Bremerton

Tall Ships Bremerton/Port Orchard

Port Orchard Farmers’ Market

“Kitsap Cup” to include: Sail Boat Race (Bremerton); Laser Race (Port Orchard)

Boats Afloat (Yacht Sales Bremerton)

Concert on the Bremerton Boardwalk and Race Prizes

“New Kitsap Party” (Kitsap Conference Center reserved)

Casino Night at Clearwater Casino


Pancake Breakfast (Port Orchard)

Tall Ships (Bremerton/Port Orchard)

“Kitsap Cup” continues: Power Boat Poker Run (Bremerton); Kayak Races (Port Orchard)

Boats Afloat (Bremerton)

“Taste of Port Orchard” to award race prizes


Navy League Memorial Service onboard USS Turner Joy (Bremerton)


Activity Coordinators:  We are seeking businesses, service and civic organizations to take the lead in producing each event under the oversight of the Kitsap Harbor Festival Planning Committee.

 Sponsorship Opportunities: Are available for most of these events with benefits and levels of recognition in accordance with the level of sponsorship as shown on back.

 Festival Committee:  Bill Mahan, Tim Thomson, Steve Slaton, Ginger Waye, Kathy Garcia (Port of Bremerton) and Carol Atkinson, Bremerton Mainstream Association, Duke Seago

Point of Contact:  Carol Atkinson: (360) 377-3041 or


Kitsap Harbor Festival

Sponsor Recognition Plan

 Ocean Cruiser ($7,500)

  • Everything in the Schooner package plus:
    • Name & Logo on the Boater Bags
    • LARGE corporate logo on Sponsor Boards
    • Corporate logo on ALL marketing and advertising
    • LARGE logo on Kitsap Sun “Thank You” page
    • Corporate banner displayed at ALL events
    • Corporate logo and link to business web site on Festival web site
    • 10 tickets to the Kitsap Harbor Party
    • 8 tickets to the Sponsor’s VIP Reception

 Schooner ($5,000)

  • Everything in the Motor Yacht package plus:
    • Corporate logo on Kitsap Sun “Thank You” page
    • Corporate logo on Sponsor Boards
    • Corporate banner displayed at waterfront events
    • Corporate logo on print media marketing and advertising
    • Insert sponsor provided marketing sheet in all Boater Bags
    • 8 tickets to the Kitsap Harbor Party
    • 6 tickets to the Sponsor’s VIP Reception

Motor Yacht ($2,500)

  • Everything in the Racing Sloop package plus:
    • Name recognition on the Festival web site
    • 6 tickets to the Kitsap Harbor Party
    • 4 tickets to the Sponsor’s VIP Reception

Racing Sloop ($1,000)

  • Name recognition on Kitsap Sun “Thank You” page
  • Name recognition on Sponsor Boards
  • 2 tickets to the Kitsap Harbor Party
  • 2 tickets to the Sponsor’s VIP Reception


Listen to The Navy League Song 

 About the Navy League Song: Kansas City, MO, I attended this year’s annual National Convention of the Navy League of the United States ( While there, I presented a song I wrote with my long time friend and fellow Navy Leaguer, Dave Shafer, as a gift to this great organization. The song is entitled “The Navy League”. I am happy to report that Navy League’s National Board of Directors unanimously approved the motion to adopt  “The Navy League”, as an Official Song of the Navy League of the United States.

You can see and hear the results of our efforts at this website:  The song is in MP3 format. It can be downloaded along with the lyrics and sheet music from this website. Right click on each and save to your computer.

Some back story: I wrote the words last Spring, then worked with Dave Shafer to develop the music. He wrote all the music, based upon my rudimentary skills in conveying the tune in my head to him. Dave then created an arrangement of the song, and eventually personally recorded it all, with him singing the words to his accompanying guitar playing. Dave did all of this on his “semi-professional” recording system in the basement of his home – what an incredibly talented man.

This is the first song I’ve ever written. My son, Rich Testa, has written several songs over the years for his various rock’n’roll groups, and he provided great encouragement to me during the process. Dave Shafer was amazing in the amount of effort he poured into this project. He was so absolutely critical to all of the successes achieved. Most importantly, Dave convinced me to make a major change in the wording order of the song, which was the reversal of the first and second verses. He explained that starting with the verse “Citizens in support of the Navy” was a better “hook” than “Teddy said to all American Patriots” – which I originally penned as the start of the song …and Dave was now burying my original inspiration deeper! …this was feeling personal, now!! Yikes!! (My experience with “hooks” in the past related to fishing! It was an interesting experience for me, and I am very grateful for Dave’s persistence and patience with me, in implementing this important change.) Another friend and Navy Leaguer, Carol Meteney, provided key feedback as to the song’s tempo, which kept us reworking the music. However, I knew we were really onto something when I finally achieved getting my loving wife, Linda, to sing the chorus in the car!!  And of course, I subjected many of you to listening to the song in advance of our presentation to the Navy League, and your reactions were a cherished part of the development process, so for that I thank you.

Besides making both our Mom’s very proud of us, Dave and I don’t know where this will go from here. We did copyright the music, and we will be signing over the rights to the song to the Navy League, purely as a gift, free and clear. Several Navy Leaguers approached me at the convention with plans to use the music and words in projects that they are doing for the Navy League, such as public access radio and television spots and shows. Others said that they plan on singing the song with their membership, much like I did with the National Directors when I presented the song. Our hope is that the song will grow our beloved organization and make it stronger, so that it can better carry out its vital mission of support to the Sea Services of our Nation.

Sincerely, Ron Testa

Navy League of the United States

National Director Emeritus

The Navy League

Words and Music by LCDR Ron Testa USN, Retired and LCDR Dave Shafer USN, Retired

© Copyright 2008 Testa & Shafer Ron Testa, Co-Chairman


Bremerton Kitsap Access Television

The program aired during February 2008.
Ron Testa was interviewed by P. J. Scott on 
the Lone Sailor Statue Project.

Below is the excerpt of that interview. 

VIDEO aas shown on the televised production Seattle area.

Lone Sailor Statue Project Interview with
Ron Testa (15 MB WMV)

The Lone Sailor Statue Project Brochure [Download]
C. Keith Birkenfeld Trust grants project $100k [
Lone Sailor Bound For Bremerton Marina [
Lone Sailor Statue Preparing for trip to Bremerton [
Lone Sailor Statue Arrives in Bremerton [
Lone Sailor Breakwater Installation [
NEW!! Marina Boat Show Scheduled 16-18 January [

HIGH SCHOOL CONTEST WINNERS! "What the Lone Sailor Statue Represents to me"

Lone Sailor Statue Project High School Video
 Art-Work Contest Award Winners  (7 MB WMV)

Armed Forces Day Parade 2007 (Armed Forces Day Parade featuring one of the Cook's Tbirds)

Building the Floating Breakwater #1

The Lone Sailor Under Construction

 Installation photos by Lea Cook

BREMERTON Bremerton's link to the Navy was cast in bronze Tuesday when the Lone Sailor took his post at the south end of the new breakwater. The 7-foot, 620-pound statue represents all of the bluejackets who have served, are serving or will serve here, according to its sponsor, the Navy League's Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula chapter.

"It's such a Navy-oriented town that we thought it'd be a good way to honor the sea services," said Carol Meteney, whose late husband was a Navy warrant officer. "This is my way of giving back to the Navy." The Lone Sailor is the centerpiece of the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. This is the 11th one cast and erected around the country. Meteney, the Navy League's national director and local past president, said the group is nearing its $260,000 goal for the project but is still accepting donations.

American Construction Barge lent a barge and crew to remove 5,500 pounds of ballast that have been keeping the statue's place on the breakwater. They lowered into place a 1,940-pound stone base, the 620-pound sailor, and a 280-pound sea bag and cleat that he stands beside. Contractor Bob Kimball of Poulsbo and Navy Seabees volunteers from Bangor installed slate tiles around the statue. A dedication isn't planned until March or April, but the group wanted to put up the statue now. "We wanted to get the sailor in place before winter sets in so people could start visualizing what we're doing," Meteney said.

Lone Sailor Breakwater Installation by, Dave Shafer

Lone Sailor Becoming Reality

Carol in front of the Lone Sailor Statue shortly after he was placed on his stand. He is under construction but watching us all work. More as we continue to finish our site. We have completed the most difficult task with much more to follow.

The Lone Sailor Arrives in Bremerton



The Lone Sailor Statue© has arrived in Bremerton, Washington! Navy League National Director Carol Meteney visits our newest shipmate, as he awaits further orders. Until then, liberty is restricted to the hospitality of Navy League Community Affiliate Evergreen Transfer & Storage, located in the Port of Bremerton – Olympic View Business & Industrial Park. A big THANKS to Council Officer Tim Katona, for arranging this temporary housing at his business, and for providing the picture.

 Navy League’s Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council - The Lone Sailor Statue project is in the final stages. There is still time to donate, as money is still needed for site construction and dedication, expected in Spring 2009. Spread the word!


Casting has begun on a "Lone Sailor" statue for Bremerton's waterfront.

Work on the 7-foot, 1,700-pound bronze bluejacket is being conducted at the Polich Tallix foundry in upstate New York, according to the local Navy League chapter that's raising funds to pay for it. It is more than halfway to reaching its $300,000 goal, said Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council spokeswoman Carolyn Dankers.

The group is targeting a fall dedication, she said. The Port of Bremerton is providing space for the statue at the south end of the new floating breakwater.

The "Lone Sailor" is the centerpiece of the U.S. Navy Memorial that opened 20 years ago in Washington D.C. Bremerton's statue will be the 11th. The sculptor, Stanley Bleifeld of Connecticut, will supervise casting at the New York foundry where all of the replicas have been produced.

Poster announcing we met out goal! Banner Ads on local transportation Site on the breakwater at the Bremerton Marina

HOSTED BY  Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League of The United States has a proposal to place The Lone Sailor statue memorial on the Bremerton, Washington waterfront is presented by the Navy League of the United States, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council. Under the leadership of Council President Stan Mack, along with Project Co-Chairmen, Ron Testa and Tim Thomson, this active Navy League Council is raising funds to donate this patriotic statue to honor the Sea Service members of our communities in the Northwest ...past …present …and future. The Bremerton Harbor provides an excellent location for this statue. Currently, the revitalization of downtown Bremerton includes its Marina, which is expected to be completed in early 2008.


 May 17th Navy League - Bremerton, WA  The Admiral Theater presented

Danny Vernon "The Illusion of Elvis" Featuring Danny Vernon as "Elvis."

The show included Marsha as the dynamic "Ann Margaret" and The dance duo "Triple Trouble". 

Navy League Armed Forces Day Gala
Civilian Dress: Black Tie or business. Military Dress: Dinner dress uniform



                               Photo Page OF DANNY'S PERFORMANCE AT THE ADMIRAL THEATER



















See attached. Beautiful letter from a former Chief of Naval Operations.

Much thanks to Navy League Council Director Captain Earle Smith, USN, Retired for writing to ADM Kelso in Tennessee about our effort here in Puget Sound. Thanks, Earle!

Sincerely, Ron Testa

Navy League of the United States

National Director - Council Director

Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council


Blue Suede Renegade - New CD available May 1, 2008!


Lone Sailor Slideshows/PR photos, Concert photo/Private party with Danny Vernon "The Illusion of Elvis" by Lea Cook  




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